雅思写作高分范文:the disadvantages and advantages of the car

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摘要: 雅思写作高分范文:the disadvantages and advantages of the car  Some people claim that the disadvantages of the car are more than the advantages, do you agree or disagree?  The birth of cars has ma ...
雅思写作高分范文:the disadvantages and advantages of the car

  Some people claim that the disadvantages of the car are more than the advantages, do you agree or disagree?
  The birth of cars has made an enormous change to our life.In the past, we travel from one place to another only by foot, nowaday, cars can do it .its goes withour saying that the invention of cars bring great benefit to all of us.but as proverb goes: no garden without weeds. Car is no exception.
  owing a car has a lot of advantages.for one thing, car provide us the most convient way of transportation.we can get around freely without spenting a lot of time.emotionally,i always found driving is so exciting.for another,its the comfortable to drive a car.In winter.drivers always can stay warm and dry even in rainy whether,in addition,drivers are usually safe in their cars when they are out at night.
  Cars bring the human merits,their side-effects graudually come to the surface.firstly,to run a car need a lot of oil,which is getting less and less.the increasing number of cars contribute the lacking of energy.secondlly,as more and more cars are used,the traffic ecpecially in big cities is getting heaver and heavier,which lead to the serious social problem--traffic jam.in addition,the inceasing numbers of cars ,which excaust sent a huge quantities of carbon monoxide into atmosphere.it make the air of cities unbreathabe,it strip people contact with frensh air.
  Therefore, the new energy should be explored to replace the oil so that our envionmental pollution can be avioded .and the strick law should be issued to keep the numbers of cars under control.thus; our heavier traffic can be solluted!


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